Alize Mendizabal

Born in San Sebastian, she started her piano and harpsichord studies at the Superior Music Conservatoire of her native city. Afterwhich, she attended the National Regional Conservatoire of Bayonne (France) where she started her organ studies with the professor, Bernadette Carreau. It was here that she finished her studies with the professor, Esteban Landart, receiving the Gold Medal and the First Prize.

Awarded a scholarship by the local government of Guipuzkoa, she entered into the Superior Centre of Music and Dance Studies of Toulouse (C.E.S.M.D) to study an advanced course with the professors Michel Bouvard, Jan Willem Cansen, Louis Robillard and Stephane Bois, a course that finished with the First Prize (Unanimous Distinction from the Jury).

She has received masterclasses from such professors as Jean Boyer, Daniel Roth, Louis Robillard, Ullrich Spang-Hansen, Joris Verdin and Szigmund Sazathmáry, to name but a few.

She has given concerts as an organist in Spain and France, offering programs that run from the Baroque to the twentieth century, taking part in festivals such as the Donostian Quincena Musical, the International Festival of “Toulouse les Orgues”, Series of the Complutense University of Madrid (National Auditorium), the Organ Festival “Orgue à St Jean de Luz”, the International Romantic Organ Series (Azkoitia and Bergara), Series of Organ concerts from the local government of Bizcaya, International Cycle of Baroque Organ of Ataun, Abengoa Foundation Cycle, Urteaga Series…

Since the year 2002, she is a member of the Baroque music group Conductus Ensemble.

Since the 2002/2003 course, she is professor of complementary piano at the Superior Conservatoire of Music of the Basque Country, Musikene, and has been organ professor at the CNR of Bayonne (France).